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Accessibility Policy and Multi-Year Plan

Procedure Number:  7015 Date Issued:  November 18/2014
Reviewed Date:  Sept.28/2016 Revised Date:  Aug.23/2017

Our Commitment

Under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act all organizations including businesses with one or more employees must meet certain accessibility requirements so that anyone with a disability can function in the workplace the way that someone without a disability can. We at Huron Web Printing are committed to become fully compliant with the AODA by the year 2022.

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to allow people with disabilities the same rights and freedoms as non-disabled people.

2.0 Application

This policy will allow employees, visitors or contractors with disabilities the ability to function effectively in and around the workplace at Huron Web Printing. Barriers that people with disabilities face in day to day life may not only be physical like a lack of wheelchair accessible parking but there may also be barriers in the transfer of information. An example would be when someone with a vision disability visits a company web site to apply for a job and the website has no screen reader capabilities and only has small type.

Accessibility will also allow workers that have been injured on or off of the job to return to work sooner than if barriers are in place.

3.0 Scope

The scope of this policy will affect all employees at Huron Web as they must take and complete training by January 1/2015. It will affect everyone with a disability that visits Huron Web to do business, apply for a job, visit or return to work after an injury. Anyone that is in the workplace and has a disability must make management aware of it so that in case of an emergency evacuation that person can be helped out of the building. The emergency evacuation will be communicated to anyone that has trouble accessing the information. This could include reading, learning, sight, hearing or physical disabilities.

This policy will also allow Service Animals to be in the workplace as long as it doesn’t pose a health and safety risk to the animal.

4.0 Responsibilities

Supervisors will assign personnel to assist people with disabilities in the case of an emergency evacuation. A minimum of two workers should be aware of the job duty in case that one is not in the workplace at the time of the emergency or the disabled person has physical disabilities that would prevent fast movement that is required in some evacuations.

It will be the responsibility of the visitor, contractor or worker to make management and supervisors aware of a disability so that a functional abilities form can be completed so that physical aids, accessible training and job design can be accommodated.

It will be the responsibility of all employees to treat anyone with a disability with respect and dignity.

5.0 Procedure

To meet the requirements of the AODA Huron Web Printing will eliminate barriers to persons with disabilities using the following timeline.

  • By 2012 –Develop emergency procedures, plans or public safety information and workplace emergency response information.
  • By 2012- Develop and implement plans to meet the Customer Service Standard. Included is a mobility aid accessible counter if plans are made to change or upgrade the current reception area.
  • By 2013 –Collect training resources and materials.
  • By 2014 –Develop Accessibility policies and multi year plans. Make all new web content conform with WCAG 2.0 Level A.
  • By 2015 –Train all staff in accessibility policy, plan and AODA.
  • By 2015-Introduce paths for feedback information and communications.
  • By 2016 – Develop accessible formats and communication supports such as screen readers software, electronic copies of documents or text transcripts of video or audio presentations.
  • By 2016-When recruiting employees inform them that we are an accessible workplace in the advertising, ask if there are any accessible options needed for the interview and work with new employees to accommodate disabilities.
  • By 2016-Make all employees aware that the employer will support them is they have a disability or if they acquire a disability.
  • By 2016-Develop policy and processes to accommodate employees with disabilities.
  • By 2017-Install “van accessible” and accessible parking spots that are wider and signage to state they are accessible.
  • By 2017-Implement a maintenance check list for the accessible parking spots and notify everyone if accessible accommodations are under construction, maintenance or are unavailable to be used.

6.0 Communication

All employees will be made aware of the Accessibility Policy and Multi Year Accessibility Plan through postings and information training by 2015.

Web site postings will state that Huron Web Printing is an Accessible workplace and display our Multi Year Accessibility Plan.

7.0 Training

All employees will be trained in:

  • General Requirements
  • Information and Communication Standard
  • Employment Standard
  • Transportation Standard
  • Design of Public Spaces Standard

These five training elements will allow Huron Web Printing to identify existing barriers to accessibility and provide workers, management, contractors and visitors with disability awareness.

8.0 Evaluation, Measurement, Improvements

This policy will be reviewed yearly until the multi year plan is finished and then it will be reviewed at least once every five years. The policy and plan will be measured by the accessible feedback received verbally, through the web site or in writing and improvements will be made depending on the feedback received.

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for the AODA

RequirementPlan DetailsDue DateSteps to TakeStatus
Accessible Emergency InformationProvide emergency response procedures and plans in a way that they are accessible to anyone with a disability.Jan. 1/2012Update emergency response policy.
Make the information accessible on the web site or with communication supports upon request.
Accessibility PolicyDevelop a policy that states our commitment as an employer to eliminate barriers and make the workplace accessible to anyone with a disability.Jan. 1/2014Design an Accessibility Policy.
Make the policy accessible for anyone has a disability upon request.
Follow the policy to make the workplace accessible for anyone with a disability.
Accessibility PlanDevelop a multi year plan to outline steps to be taken to meet the requirements of the AODA and eliminate barriers to persons with disabilities.Jan. 1/2014Design any new web site content to meet WCAG 2.0 Level A so that the web site is accessible to anyone with a disability. For information visit Yearly
Training InformationProvide training to all employees on the requirements of Sect. 7 of the AODA and it’s regulations as well as the Ontario Human Rights Code in relation to people with disabilities.Jan. 1/2015Train employees using internet based training from The Ontario Human Rights Commission.
Make the training accessible to anyone with a disability.
Feedback ProcessProvide accessible formats and communication supports for feedback information upon request.Jan. 1/2015Design accessible formats for letters to the editor or web site feedback information upon request. Notify the public about the accessible formats and communication supports.Complete
Accessible Formats and Communication Supports
Take steps to provide accessible formats and communication supports
to persons with disabilities upon request and notify the public of how the information can be requested and provided.
Jan. 1/2016Design the website to allow the public to request accessible communication supports and formats.
Ensure that accessibility options are available on computers and in training to anyone with a disability.
Recruitment Huron Web Printing is committed to fair and accessible employment practices to ensure that persons with disabilities are treated equally to persons without.Jan. 1/2016Notify everyone of the availability of accommodations during recruitment.
Provide suitable accommodations to job applicants upon request.
Informing Employees of Support SystemsDevelop and provide policies for employee’s with disabilities. Update information to employees whenever policies change.Jan. 1/2016Notify new hires and existing employee’s of our policies for accommodating employees with disabilities. Complete
Accessible Formats and Communication Supports for EmployeesConsult with employees with
disabilities and provide accessible formats and communication supports for information to perform the job and general information in the workplace.
Jan. 1/2016Provide job training and instructions in an accessible format and provide information about the employee’s job duties with communication supports that accommodate the employees disability.Complete
Documented Individual Accommodation Plans And Return To Work ProcessIncorporate a written process for development of documented individual accommodation plans and revise the RTW process to include disability related accommodations.Jan. 1/2016Allow employees to help develop their individual accommodation plan. Ensure privacy relating to the employee’s medical and personal information.Complete
Performance Management, Career Development and RedeploymentHuron Web Printing will take steps to ensure that accessibility needs of employee’s with disabilities are met when performance is managed, advanced in the company or redeployed.Jan. 1/2016Accommodate employee’s with disabilities when performing a performance appraisal, career development or redeployment.Complete
Accessible ParkingDesign off street parking spaces to allow accessibility for persons with a disability.
Jan. 1/2017Redesign front parking lot to accommodate a minimum of one Type A and Two Type B parking spaces with ramps to bridge the curbs.
Display signs to mark accessible spots.
Obtaining ServicesWhen redesigning or renovating the front reception area steps must be taken to ensure that new counters and waiting areas are the proper design to receive a person in a mobility device.Jan. 1/2017If a redesign of the front office is planned, then the counter top and waiting area must be accessible to anyone in a mobility device or using a mobility aid.Not Complete
Maintenance PlanningPublic spaces at the time of this plans inception are limited to the front/visitor parking area and the reception area. These public areas shall be inspected and maintenance performed and documented on the monthly workplace inspection.Jan. 1/2017Integrate inspection and maintenance of public spaces into the workplace inspection forms. Provide temporary accessible parking and reception areas if current areas are un accessible because of construction, damage, or an act of god.Complete
Production of Education or Training MaterialsIf Huron Web Printing produces educational or training materials they must be supplied with accessible options that are conversion ready or contain supplemental resources to ensure accessibility.Jan. 1/2020If printed products include training or educational materials we will ensure accessible options exist so that we meet the requirements of Section 17 of the AODA. Pending
Internet Web Sites and Web ContentAll internet web sites and web content must conform with WCAG 2.0 Level AA (excluding live captioning and pre-recorded audio descriptions)Jan. 1/2021Our web sites and web content must meet accessibility option WCAG 2.0 Level AA to complete the Multi Year Accessibility Plan.
Not Complete
To request accessible formats contact Brian McLennan at 1-800-267-8553
or download a PDF copy of the Accessibility Policy and Mulit-Year Plan below.